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Head Gasket

What does it mean when my car blows a head gasket? A head gasket sits between the cylinder head and the engine block, the purpose is to seal the cylinders, the water/ coolant ports and the oil ports or jackets. The head gasket is a very crucial part of an engine as it has to […]

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Regular Servicing

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of different filters in different types of cars and trucks. What is the purpose of pollen filter? To filter the pollen from the outside air, you may also see them listed as cabin filter. Do trucks have them? Some do, depends on the age of the truck, newer […]

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The Importance of Maintaining Fluids in Your Vehicle

Recently I ran out of petrol in my car and noticed that even once I had filled my car up with petrol again it didn’t run the same until I brought it in to Osborne Automotive Repairs for a minor service. Why is running out of fuel so bad for my vehicle? In today’s vehicles […]

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Reasons to Regularly Service your Vehicle

Why should I get my car regularly serviced? Because oils are only meant to last for a certain amount of time/ km’s and also if you are not servicing your vehicle regularly who knows what could be happening under your bonnet without routinely getting it inspected? Do you service your car regularly? Yes I do because I see […]

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Benefits of Carbon Clean

Why would I want a carbon clean? To stop the build-up of carbon, gum and rubbish in your intake fuel injectors and lines. Increases fuel economy, improved acceleration. How do I tell if my car needs a carbon clean? Sluggish performance lack of power, blowing smoke, uneven idle. Do you use carbon clean on your […]

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