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Benefits of Carbon Clean

Why would I want a carbon clean?

To stop the build-up of carbon, gum and rubbish in your intake fuel injectors and lines. Increases fuel economy, improved acceleration.

How do I tell if my car needs a carbon clean?

Sluggish performance lack of power, blowing smoke, uneven idle.

Do you use carbon clean on your car?

Yes and once I get it done there is a noticeable difference, the performance slowly over time reduces without your noticing, then once you get a carbon clean you can really tell the difference

How often should I get a carbon clean done on my car?

Minimum every 100,000 kms

Why is it necessary? It’s not part of my regular service?

It’s necessary because the quality of our diesel is one of the lowest in the world, which means our cars are far more prone to clog up with carbon on the injector pumps, injectors, it coats the intake and exhaust valves with carbon, which over time can come off in chunks and goes through turbos, exhausts, and stuffs up sensors. Over the last 12-18 months we’re seeing numerous manufacturers coming in fully carboned up, EGR valves, turbos, injectors all blocked which can turn into a costly exercise turning into thousands of dollars.

If my car is not on diesel do I still need a carbon clean?

Yes in petrol there is varnishes and gum deposits that dry up every time you turn your car off, petrol leaves residue in critical points on your car like the injectors and blocks them up so your car doesn’t run like it should.

Is it like having blocked arteries?

Yes it’s a similar analogy to make.

Is it better for the environment?

Yes it reduces pollution as your car is running more efficiently, injectors that are partially or half blocked, mean that your vehicle is using more fuel to operate which costs more you money and puts excess pollution into the environment.

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