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Osborne Automotive Repairs - Truck Mechanic | Diesel Mechanic

Osborne Automotive Repairs is the leading provider of fleet maintenance to all diesel vehicles across Victoria.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Osborne Automotive Repairs (OAR) is the best diesel and truck mechanics in Victoria. Our testimonials speak for themselves

Over Three Decades Of Experience

You want to best mechanics working on your diesel vehicles. OAR has been operating on vehicles for over three decades ensuring you get the best

Fast And Reliable Work Quality

Vehicles off the road will be costing you money. We get that. That's why with OAR the servicing is done right the first time

The Best option for your vehicles

OAR is the right choice for your diesel vehicles

For over 30 years Osborne Automotive has been working on diesel vehicles delivering an unbeatable service at a competitive price. We can help service your truck, 4x4. We offer exceptional fleet maintenance to ensure your business vehicles experience less downtime than ever before. Contact our team today

30 Years Experience

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Our Services

truck mechanic

Truck Mechanic

A trusted truck mechanic that can provide onsite services
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diesel mechanic

Diesel Mechanic

We work on all diesel vehicles and we offer all types of diesel engine repair and replacement services
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Fleet Maintenance

OAR is a permium provider of fleet maintenance services in Victoria. If you have few trucks and or diesel vehicles, we can help
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Hydraulic Hose Repair
Hydraulic hoses breakdown and that can hurt. We provided exceptional hydraulic hose repair services, oniste and in house
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truck breakdown

Truck Breakdown

If your truck has brokendown, OAR can help. We offer truck breakdown services
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A five star mechanic


Our Insightful Information On Trucks And Diesel engines

OAR News and Updates

What Is Preventive Fleet Maintenance

What Is Preventive Fleet Maintenance

Preventive fleet maintenance is all about staying on top of potential vehicle issues by regularly inspecting, servicing, and carrying out minor repairs on a set schedule. You’ll find that it focuses on improving vehicle reliability, fuel efficiency, and longevity. By using technology and software solutions like Fleetio, it makes it easier to spot problems early, […]

How Do I Create A Fleet Maintenance Schedule

How Do I Create a Fleet Maintenance Schedule

Creating a fleet maintenance schedule starts with a thorough assessment of your vehicles. You’ll need to catalogue each vehicle’s make, model, mileage, and service history to pinpoint maintenance needs effectively. It’s crucial to focus on compliance with both manufacturer guidelines and regulatory requirements to avoid penalties and maintain safety. By integrating a fleet management software, […]

What is Fleet Maintenance: Understanding Essential Management Practices OF Fleet Vehicles

What is Fleet Maintenance: Understanding Essential Management Practices OF Fleet Vehicles

Fleet maintenance involves the procedures and activities required to keep a fleet of vehicles in optimal condition. It ensures that each vehicle is safe to operate, performs efficiently, and is reliable over its working life. These vehicles can range from company cars and delivery trucks to heavy machinery. Your approach to fleet maintenance not only […]

How to Tell if It Is Time to Replace a Hydraulic Hose

How To Tell If It Is Time To Replace A Hydraulic Hose

Maintaining the hydraulic hoses in your machinery is critical for smooth and safe operations. Over time, these hoses can degrade, leading to leaks, bursts, or a drop in system efficiency. To prevent potential downtime or hazardous situations, it’s essential to know when a hydraulic hose has reached the end of its service life. Understanding the […]

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