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I’ve noticed that there are a lot of different filters in different types of cars and trucks. What is the purpose of pollen filter?

To filter the pollen from the outside air, you may also see them listed as cabin filter.

Do trucks have them?

Some do, depends on the age of the truck, newer trucks usually have them.

What does a power steering filter do?

It filters out any foreign matter entering the power steering components, not all vehicles run power steering filters, most trucks do but only some cars.

Would it be safe to say that filters keep liquids clear of debris and foreign matter in your vehicle?


What would happen if we didn’t change them regularly?

They will block up and fluids will have insufficient flow to components causing premature wear.

Can you tell me what spark plugs do in a vehicle?

They ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber, which causes the cylinder to fire and pushes the piston down.

Like a gun?


Why do they have to be changed?

As with a lot of components in your vehicle, it’s considered a maintenance item.

When I think of spark plugs I think of fuses in a house circuit breaker box, is this a similar kind of thing?

No, a circuit breaker is on off switch, spark plugs cause an electrical spark.

Do oxygen sensors ignite fuel?

No, the spark plug ignites the fuel.

Is this how cars blow up in movies?

I’m not sure how they do that in movies, but the spark is concealed inside the combustion chamber of the engine.

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