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Reasons to Regularly Service your Vehicle

Why should I get my car regularly serviced?

Because oils are only meant to last for a certain amount of time/ km’s and also if you are not servicing your vehicle regularly who knows what could be happening under your bonnet without routinely getting it inspected?

Do you service your car regularly?

Yes I do because I see the effects of not servicing vehicles frequently first hand. Manufacturers put out service specifications for a reason, components wear out over a certain amount of time. To skip services always leads to extra costs, you are not saving anything by not servicing your vehicle. To keep your car in tip top shape it needs to be serviced regularly.

From a safety point of view components can and do fail, often without you being aware of the problem, you may think a slight knocking noise is not a problem but it could mean that your ball joint is about to fail or steering components not working, causing major damage, just to name a few. Sometimes when one component fails this can lead to another component failing, leading to additional unnecessary costs, which is why you should get on top of it.

Why should I take my car to a mechanic when my neighbour says he can do it?

Because your neighbour doesn’t have all the equipment, is perhaps not trained as well or have trade qualifications. If you put the wrong oil in the transmission or engine you can cause a great deal of damage by using the incorrect lubricants. Without a diagnostic computer it’s nearly impossible to find out the fault in a newer vehicle without willy nilly replacing parts and hoping that it’s going to fix it.

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