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Mr Hose

What does Mr Hose do?

Mr Hose specialises in onsite hydraulic hose replacement, but we can also carry out hydraulic ram and valve repairs/ replacement. Valve and ram repairs are not done on site, this is something that we pick up and take back to our workshop to be fixed and then bring back to you.

We also have a limited variety of other hoses, such as air brake hose, coolant hose, and low pressure fuel hose. Anything hose related we will also try and do, pretty much any issue that you have with a hose we will try our best to fix it.

We can also supply hydraulic oil to top up your machine which may have leaked out when your hose became damaged, broke, etc.

What hoses can’t be fixed or replaced by Mr Hose?

LPG (gas line) hoses or any hydraulic hoses larger than 1 1/4inch cannot be done onsite in the van, but we can take the hose away and get made up and bring back.

We cannot do the hoses on generic gerni’s or pressure washers (i.e. purchased from Bunnings), the type of hose that is used on these machines is something that we don’t stock, it also wouldn’t be cost effective for the customer to replace and it’s always cheaper to go and buy an entirely new machine.

We cannot do brake hoses and pipes, this requires a special license that we do not have.

What area does Mr Hose service?

Anything on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs.

How long does it take you to get to me?

Depending on where the Mr Hose van is it takes usually 5 mins- 45 mins, this also depends on your urgency and if the van already has other jobs booked in.

What is the average cost of a Mr Hose call out and hose repair?

The average cost is about $250- this would cover the call out fee, 2 generic fittings, 1/2 a meter of 3/8” hose and would cover removing and reinstalling a hose in a basic position. The cost increases as the hoses become bigger and longer, are in complicated spots which takes more time to get in there and remove and replace or if we are also supplying the hydraulic oil.

How long does the average hose repair take?

Once Mr Hose arrives onsite the average time a job takes would be one hour, as above the more complicated the hose is then the longer it takes to sort out and depending how many hoses are replaced.

Does Mr Hose have an emergency break down service?

Yes we do, Mr Hose operates 24/7, however the cost increases for after-hours emergency call out work.

We also do mechanical repairs and servicing on most machinery, trucks, cars and 4wd’s.

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