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Tyres and Wheels

What is the importance of having good tyres on my car?

Good tyres ensure that you have maximum grip to the road, efficient emergency stopping and better handling in poor weather conditions.

How often do my tyres need to be changed?

Depending on the tyre, most will last 60,000 – 80,000 kms.

What is the difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment?

Wheel balancing is to balance rims and tyres, small imperfections can cause tyres to wobble or vibrate when driving, small weights are placed on your tyres to ensure the weight is even the whole way around. Whereas wheel alignment is to align front and sometimes rear wheels to their correct positions. Your steering wheel and your wheels should always point in the same direction, over time this becomes out of alignment and you may feel your car pulling to one side of the road.

How often do they need to be balanced?

You should get a balance whenever you fit new tyres, it also improves fuel efficiency and the life of the tyres as well as giving you a safer ride by ensuring that you have maximum grip on the road.

What do you guys do with the old tyres that are taken off my car?

We pay for them to be picked up and sent to a tyre recycling facility. They separate the steel and rubber and use 85% of the old rubber to make new tyres. The rest gets made into speed humps, sports running tracks, brake pads, kids playgrounds, building insulation and stuff like that.

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